Finding Stories in Mt. P
Because of the coronavirus many things have been shut down such as local business, restaurants, sport games, colleges and more. There also is limited access to fast food places that are open, and the government only recommends going outside to get groceries. During this time, reporters and photographers still must go outside and find stories. Isaac Ritchey is one of those people.
Ritchey works for CM Life as a photo editor, and he lives in Mt. Pleasant right now, so he has been finding stories for the college’s newspaper. He is on his own for finding stories unless he gets an assignment from another reporter otherwise, he likes to go to parks and walk around downtown. According to him it is a lot of waiting around and waiting for the right moment.
He likes to tell the stories about the people of Mt. Pleasant, and he does that by shooting what people do in parks or if they are walking around downtown. There are some students still living on campus that can’t go home, so he likes to capture what is still happening there. Ritchey likes to go into a day without a plan, but sometimes he has idea of what he wants to shoot or part of the story he has not shared yet. He wants to tell the stories about individuals because it is the people who make what Mt. Pleasant is.
For the Love of Rod and Reel
Ever since he was a little boy Stites has loved fishing. During the summer it is hard to catch him anywhere but outside by a pond or a lake fishing. This past summer, Stites got to work at an all-boys sports summer camp where he got to drive the fishing boat and teach the young boys how to fish. It was a dream come true for him. He realized that summer that he wants to work in the fishing industry whether that is in the Major League Fishing or doing commercial fishing. His dream would be to compete in the MLF because he wants to compete against some of the greatest fishers in the world.
“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank